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Why Pets Love Online Training

If you belong to the 44% of all households in the United States that have a dog, or the 35% that have a cat, you probably wish you had more time to spend with them! Enrolling in online training allows you to complete your continuing education requirements in the comfort of your home – and your pet will love you for it!
Completing online training courses from home is convenient and easy because you can master the content on your own time. Learning in a quiet, but familiar environment with no distractions and limited interruptions can make the learning process more effective. Even better, research tells us that owning a pet can reduce your stress and improve your health. Having your pet nearby while you learn can reduce anxiety as well.

I lost my English cocker spaniel last November to a brief illness, and I miss her with a passion. Blue was a beautiful 14-year-old companion who wanted nothing more than to be at my side. When I occasionally worked at home, she relaxed on my feet, sleeping contently. I always felt better knowing that if I had a difficult assignment, I could look at her and instantly feel better and more creative. I am not ready to commit to another dog just yet, but as a pet lover, I have to agree with Dr. Kurt Venator, DVM at Nestle Purina when he has said on more than one occasion, “pets and people are better together.”

My friend Sharon, who is a nurse and a coder, recently completed her coding CEUs by taking ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS online courses. When I mentioned to her that I was writing a blog about how being with your pet can help you complete online training classes stress-free, her first comment was “I don’t think my dog knows much about coding!” While your dog, cat, turtle, gerbil, bird, or any other pet probably can’t answer your questions about the ICD-10 content, most pets are just happy to be with you, and are intuitive enough to notice that you are at your computer with a serious expression on your face.

ICD-10 training takes concentration and time, and online education offers the opportunity to spend time with your furry best friend in a quiet and calm environment. Petting your cat or dog can actually lower your blood pressure and reduce your heart rate. The hormone oxytocin is released when we're around our pets, triggering feelings of happiness and calmness – all important when we’re trying to get our work done! Sharon offered the following comment after taking ICD-10-PCS in the comfort of her own home, accompanied by her dog, Max: “I had not worked with the ICD-10 PCS coding prior to taking this online course and found that the course was helpful toward achieving a better understanding of this system. I was surprised, but I think that being near Max kept me calm and focused too!”

Besides the fact that continuing education is required in order to maintain your coding credentials, online training helps to maintain your competitive edge in the marketplace and gives you a better foundation to meet productivity goals should your employer have specific performance expectations. Accurate coding of the incident or diagnosis is key to the integrity of patient health care data and improper coding has a direct impact on reimbursement, revenue, and reporting. Even if you have a great memory and retain frequently used codes as you would the birthdays of your family and friends, refreshing your memory is always helpful in ICD-10. Unlike some ICD-9 codes, it is difficult to rely on your memory to identify codes that apply to all diagnoses and all conditions.

When I needed a little bit of mental clarity, a good walk with Blue was always enough to help me put my head back on straight. Having a pet gives you a greater sense of belonging and meaning. Pet researcher Allen R. McConnell, PhD even says that owning a pet makes you feel as if you have a greater control of your life. This can be instrumental when juggling your career, your family, and your other responsibilities – not to mention trying to squeeze in continuing your coding education. So if you don’t already own a pet, consider adopting one, and if you’ve been on the fence about trying online training courses, get in touch with us at Livanta Learning!

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Did you know that CMS just published the 2018 ICD-10-PCS files for review and training? Check out their website for more information!